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This post is for the small business owner.  Isn’t it crazy that we take on so many roles as business owners?  We do all that we can to make everything work seamlessly and some days are just better than others.  Where is the elusive product that will help to make it all better?

Well here it is, I was having a conversation with a friend (also a small business owner) about how great it would be to have a comprehensive solution that had all the pieces in one place.  Quote, Invoicing, email, accepting payments…  It went on and on and at the time it seemed like a pipe dream.  But then I went home and to my surprise I had an email talking about a new product that was about to be release “17Hats”.  I was elated.  I immediately sent the details to my friend and many others because to me it was an answered prayer.

Fast forward, 17Hats launched and I signed up in week 1 and it has not disappointed at all.  I took the time to set it up with templates and my information and it has already saved a ton of time and helped with customer interaction.  Simply put, I LOVE IT!!!

Great work to the #17Hats team!  I’m looking forward to more awesomeness in the future.


Proud 17Hats user,

Marc Anthony Smith