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One of the struggles that many have when planning a photo shoot is whether or not to get professional make up or to handle it at home.  I reached out to my friend and make up artist Stacy Kelly of StacyFaces to ask her about writing this blog dealing with makeup.  Believe it or not, camera ready make up application can and should be a little different than normal every day wear.  

Don’t believe me, well let’s see what Stacy had to say!!  She offers some great tips and advice.  Happy reading and feel free to click HERE to schedule your make up session and photo shoot!

Stacy in action...

Stacy in action…

Does makeup intimidate you? You are not alone…i don’t know how many times I’ve heard that I’m just a lipgloss and mascara girl. Often times thats because stores like Sephora or Ulta can be intimidating, if you don’t know what you need, how much of it, and in what shade. I get totally get it!!!! But fear no more..use these tips and tricks below to help you in your Camera Ready look.

Well first things first, you need a good base. By base i mean, what your makeup will lay on.

Cleanse your skin with a basic cleanser, one that your skin is use to and won’t irritate. Next you will need a moisturizer. Why? Moisturizers treat the skin, and allows for a nice flow for your actual foundation that you apply later. You dont want crackin or dry skin poppin’ thru your foundation..NO NO NO!!

After that, its always great to purchase a nice primer, there are many on the market and just about every line offers one. They come in a full range of colors (some translucent some with a hue or tint for color correcting). This primer acts as shield between your skin and the makeup and often act as an oil blocker, so that your makeup will last all day/night.

Foundation is often a product that intimidates many!! Dont be scared. Foundations come in variety of color, texture, necessity. There are cream to powder foundation, cream, liquids, tints for a more light weight feel and look. The key is to find the color that matches your cheek to neck. You do not want your face to be 2 shades lighter or darker than your neck…listen ladies, that ain’t cute! Take your time in choosing a foundation..when in doubt go to a makeup counter and have them apply 3 shades and use natural light to determine the perfect match. 

Powders are a must! Powders are used to set the foundation and allows the foundation stay in place. They come in an array of colors to translucent.

Blush/Bronzers, these two work along the same line. They are pretty much related. Having a pop of color of the cheek bones is a must have. They come in shimmer, a matte, slight sheen, or cream! Never use too much of this can be a little clownish if too much is applied! 

Lets move on to those lips! I think lip color scares woman most of all..WHY I HAVE NO CLUE!!! You can have so much fun with lip color. Try a hot pink for summer, or a nice brown or deep burgundy for the fall/winter. Or do the opposite, rock hot pink lips in the winter! There are no rules to makeup, so play around. Just remember to apply a nice base to your lip (again we are avoiding crackin and dry skin), find a lip pencil that matches the color you want and go for it! Lip color can come in matte, shimmer, sheer, glossy..etc..

Eye shadows are often super fun! Shadows can be matched to your outfit or a nude earthy look. After choosing your eye shadow, line your eye with a liner. This makes the eye pop! This can be purchased as a liquid, a cream (applied with an angle brush), or pencil.

Don’t forget your mascara! There are so many mascara’s that can plump, pull, extend, you name it! It can work miracles. Dont think you have to buy the most expensive brands. Good ‘ole Mabeline can do the trick! Just read the label to see what each does..

Eyebrows pretty much shape the face. It is pivotal to have them groomed so that they can be filled in properly. Brows can be filled in with powder, gel, or pencil…its important not to go too dark (black) with the brow. It can look too harsh.

In my opinion, the most important part of being Camera Ready is YOUR confidence. Be confident in your ability to “dress your face” and let that confidence shine thru!

Til next time