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They say there is nothing like the connection between a Father and his girls.  Well this definitely holds true for my angels.  I love having the pleasure of photographing them
  October 27, 2014   Comments Off on Daddy’s Little Girls…
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What is this EXPERIENCE, you say? Well, i’m glad you asked.  It’s the ultimate Senior portrait session road trip!  Yes, road trip.  We will travel to one of multiple locations
  October 27, 2014   Comments Off on The Senior EXPERIENCE
I’m amazed at how much we are focused on what others think?  We put so much into how many likes we get on a “selfie” or how many people comment
  October 26, 2014   Comments Off on The beauty in YOU – do you see it
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Isn’t it crazy how we sometimes place great value on things i.e. Purses, cars, name brands, etc?  Isn’t it crazy how we will spend our last to ensure Jr. is
  October 26, 2014   Comments Off on Priceless…

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