They say there is nothing like the connection between a Father and his girls.  Well this definitely holds true for my angels.  I love having the pleasure of photographing them each year and watching their growth and maturity.  It brings so much joy to my heart.

One of the things that is most impKenny_068ortant to me is instilling in them the mindset that they are valuable and loved.  I make sure that I invest in them, because if I don’t take the time to do so, someone else surely will.  I reinforce the facts that they are beautiful, smart, courageous and amazing young ladies.  I teach them that there is nothing that is impossible with God on their side.

There are too many negative influences in the world and I want to scream the opposite.  I want to scream every day just how much the two of them mean to me.  I know their love languages and I speak them fluently.

The investment that I make into these two incredible gifts from God is worth every ounce.  I know that there is greatness in them and I will not stop until I see it fulfilled.  I thank God for the privilege and honor of being their Dad.  The best thing EVER…

Daddy’s Little Girls…

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