Have we diminished the value of prints?

There has been a great debate with regards to physical prints in this digital age. Have we diminished the value of prints?  One of the frequent questions that we get from potential clients is, how much does a cd of images cost.  Many times it seems that it is the “easy” way out. I mean, we can take them to (fill in the blank) and have them printed right?

Here are my thoughts.  I LOVE printed images and albums that allow me to showcase what I love to the world (or at least the small part of the world that enters my home). I love large displays of my loved ones that I can see everyday. The progression of life, memories of great times.

The bottom line is that many of us have great intentions to get the images printed later, but later never seems to come.  I can’t tell you how many of those images are on a disc somewhere in my home (I hope I didn’t throw them out).  Stuck in a dark drawer, hardly remembered.  And we know the saying, out of sight, out of mind.  To be perfectly honest, my wedding pictures are there.  In that dark abyss of loneliness (I know, shame on me).

My Position

I take extreme pride in retouching, cropping, color correcting, etc to ensure that images are properly prepared to look excellent on display in your home.  I work extremely hard at what I do, constantly educating myself and learning new techniques so that my work is fresh and fun. There is nothing like seeing pictures from clients of their images proudly displayed at work and home.

As a photographer it’s a tough dilemma in this digital world we live in, but I print images.  Our goal is to capture the beauty of your life to be displayed.  We are constantly looking for new products to compliment the timeless classics so that what you love can be cherished, showcased and adored.  I choose to be abnormal in this day of cheap and fast.   I choose fine art.

So have we diminished the value of prints?  Check out this blog post which was inspired by a fellow photographer writing on this topic about 3 years ago and I stand with her.  She provides great insights and I love her thoughts on technology of old that is now obsolete.  You can see her post HERE.

prints vs digital file

Which one looks better on display? This bold metal image or the digital file. 🙂

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