Happy 2017!!!

I pray that your year is off to an incredible start!  Resolutions are probably still intact, since we are barely into the year.  LOL  The weather has many of us longing for sunshine and much warmer weather.  In spite of the cold, I actually love this time of year.  Time to reflect, reassess and make adjustments as needed.

One of the things that I do fairly often is update my product samples with fresh images and or new products.  This year is no different, however I really need your help this time.  I have randomly selected 5 shoots from the many amazing shoots from 2016 and I need YOU to decide which will be the WINNER (my new sample product set).  I know, you have a super hard task ahead of you.

In the spirit of giving, I didn’t want to end up being the only winner because you selected an awesome new set of images to display.  The winning individual/family will receive a $100 gift card to one of my favorite restaurants, Coopers Hawk.  So without further ado, Here are the displays.  Please cast your vote for your favorite gallery design by mentioning the gallery number (The images are number 1 thru 5 starting from the top) in the comments.  The gallery with the most votes will become our new sample gallery and the individual/family in the winning gallery will also win the gift card.  You have until Monday, January 23rd to place your vote!

Got it?  Ok, let’s go.















Pretty tough choices, huh?  Well, now it’s up to you!





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