Love’s Story

I love my journey with photography.  The places that it takes me, the people that i meet and prayerfully the lives I impact.  I had the privilege this weekend past of shooting my friend of almost 40 years and his beautiful wife of 20 years to celebrate their 20 year anniversary.

I actually found myself going down memory lane before they arrived in Chicago.  Look at this, I even found the nick and sonja wedding dayoriginal program and napkin from the wedding.  LOL  The cool thing was the photoshoot was a surprise. Nick and I planned the entire thing without her knowing about the trip until the night before and the shoot just hours before.  We discussed what he wanted for the shoot and immediately I knew Cantigny park was the perfect location.  They hadn’t taken professional pictures since the 90’s and I wanted this to be a special time.

I love, love.  It was so awesome to catch up and in the process, capture them as a couple.  Sharing stories along the way, reminiscing of great times.  We laughed, teared up a few times but all in all it was Amazing.  Click VIDEO for a glimpse of their story.

I knew they had a short window visiting so I made the extra effort to ensure that they would see the images face to face before they left.  When we met up the next day, I pulled them aside and started showing them the best images from the shoot.  Not many times, do i get teary eyed as I look on with a client/friend, but this was one of those times.  As they looked through enjoying their images and tears came to Sonja’s eyes, I knew we hit the mark (no pun intended  LOL).  We captured the classic look, the essence of their personalities and the power of their love.  Take a look at some of the images for yourself.

nicksonya_033w Nick and Sonja photo shoot







Now we are preparing to get printed images into their home so they can continue to celebrate Love for years to come.  What really blew me away is that Nick sent me a note that I gave them years ago, along with a gift that echoed the same sentiment that still held true to this day and almost the same words.  That’s the power of love!

What an honor to photograph my friends who are also family.  Never take for granted the lives that we live and the impact that we can make.  Also cherish the love that you have.  Celebrate it.  Memorialize it and display that art for everyone else to see.

I truly thank God for this gift and for the ability to share it with others.  Nick and Sonja, here’s to the next 20 years of your journey of love together.

nick and sonja photoshoot


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