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Hey everyone...

Hey everyone…


Every year we head out, typically a few weeks before time, to do a birthday shoot.  And just like every other year, we had a BLAST!

This girl has so much personality.  After I get her started, she typically adds her own flare, making it extra fun. And to think she will only be 5 years old this November.  How time flies.  I still remember the day she was born, like it was yesterday.  And please know, you couldn’t tell her NOTHIN’ in those wedge heels.  LOL  She thought she was sooo fancy.  The crazy part is her big sister is wearing heels for real.  *sigh – Lord help me!!

Be on the lookout for my future model.  She will be modeling at Shutterfest again this year and can’t wait. I think she talks about it at least once a week.  We are also looking to get her with an agency in the near future.  We’ll see!

You can book your shoot too.  Click HERE!

Here are a few of the AMAZING images:

KJ1015_146w KJ1015_101w KJ1015_083w KJ1015_186w KJ1015_180w KJ1015_163w KJ1015_131w KJ1015_128w KJ1015_090w KJ1015_070w KJ1015_057w KJ1015_054w KJ1015_034wKJ1015_031w KJ1015_006w KJ1015_020w