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My Passion!  I was inspired by a few friends and decided that I wanted to share more about my personal journey and passion for photography and how I got here.  It’s easy to focus on images or even the technical side, but not so easy sharing personal stories, but here goes.

Isn’t it amazing how much we pick up from our parents.  Good, bad and the ugly we are definitely influenced.  I had two awesome examples and 2 of my passions came from them.  Cooking, which I got from my mom. Yeah, I’m a Momma’s boy and I loved/love spending time learning from her. I learned techniques, recipes and have become a pretty decent cook today.  We did it all from scratch too, none of that box stuff.  In fact, we even had gardens growing up so we’d get fresh produce from the backyard all summer long and enjoying the best vegetables ever!  That was our time to bond.  From homemade rolls to our amazing apple pie.  I’m still cooking and baking today as time permits and I love it!


Then there was my father who among other things was a photographer, and what son doesn’t want to be like his dad. I tried to emulate all that he did. I will never forget the little Kodak 110 instamatic that I first used with the flash bulbs that sat on top. It was fun learning from him as a youngster.  I also remember saving my hard earned grass cutting money to get a disk camera (anybody remember that piece of junk!!  LOL  I loved shooting as a kid and learned the expensive way.  We used film, which cost money every time that shutter was clicked.  So it was imperative to learn how to properly expose and utilize lighting properly so you weren’t wasting money. Unfortunately I lost him 20 years ago. In that season I felt compelled to take my camera skills and love for photography to another level. I took classes and studies under two of the best photographers i knew at the time, Doug Gordon and Bambi Cantrell.  Still love them both.  I loved the dark room experience and the process of watching an image form right before my eyes, AMAZING!  It has been an incredible journey.

I have worked hard for the last 20 years developing my God given abilities all in hopes that he would have been proud. Today, in this digital world I’m still working hard to get better each day.  As a member of the PPA, I’m in the process of becoming a certified professional photographer, which is no easy task.  I study light and am such a geek on the technical side because I don’t ever want to be in a situation where I get stuck and can’t create an amazing image.  I love learning the inverse law of light and mastering the relationship of the exposure triangle.  

The Future:

One of my goals is to teach others.  There is no greater joy than watching others grow and learn.  I’ve always been taught that what you have been given isn’t just for yourself.  We have a responsibility to help others and I love putting that aspect of my gifting to work.  Look for a book along the way too!

Reality is photography is just a part of me.  I love the relationships that I build with clients.  Love when my clients love their images and can’t wait to share them with others.  I love what I do and getting deeper into it so that I can continue to grow and do even better work tomorrow.  Thank you for allowing me to share.  Please feel free to comment and share your thoughts!

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