Isn’t it crazy how we sometimes place great value on things i.e. Purses, cars, name brands, etc?  Isn’t it crazy how we will spend our last to ensure Jr. is in the latest Jordan’s or go deep in debt to impress the friends with the fancy new car?   Isn’t it crazy how we go crazy over stuff but in the end the stuff doesn’t really matter?!

I recently lost my uncle and in the throw of things it brought back so many memories of my dad and grandparents who all preceded him in death.  I came to one very sad conclusion, especially since I am a photographer.  Out of all these incredible people I loved, admired and cherished I didn’t have recent pictures with any of them.  To tell the truth it breaks my heart.
I don’t have anything but dusty old prints to show.   And yes, thank God I have those but I hate that I didn’t take the time – make the time – to take pictures with them.  Pictures that would surely out live any thing!

Wow.   What a wake up call and reminder that what we do as photographers is so important.  We aren’t just taking pictures.   We are capturing the essence of individuals.   We are grabbing moments in time and memorializing them for generations to come.   We are capturing moments that at a single glance can snap us right back to the day and time the image was captured, reminisce and enjoy it all over again.  Yes, I’m proud to do more than just take pictures I’m proud be a part of the lives of so many new friends.

To be honest (my fault, TBH) it’s an extreme privilege to do what I do.  So if you ask me the value of an image?  Why does it cost so much?  Why would I spend that?  I guess the real question is why not?!   I would give almost anything to have a picture with my dad, my grandparents and uncle.

So if you ask me the value of an image.  Yup, you guessed it… PRICELESS.

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