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It’s rare these days when you come across truly genuine and loving people.  Especially those who give so freely of themselves.  In this world so full of self promoting, self gratifying, self indulging people, its tough to find the meek and humble (i know, sad state we’re in).

Well, I recently had the pleasure of working with an incredible woman who gave me hope yet again in humanity.  She has shown through her selfless dedication and devotion to her children her true heart.  I introduce to you, Ms. Wendy Cunningham!

Wendy Cunningham

Amazing Woman!


She amazed and inspired me from the onset.  Single mom that works hard, an entrepreneur and holds it down with her 2 children.  What made her story so impactful to me was to see how she interacts with her children, loving, defending and nurturing them unconditionally without regard for self.  What I failed to mention is that one of her children has special needs and requires extra care.  While many would have given up and maybe even thrown in the towel, she has dedicated herself to get it done even in the midst of life’s personal challenges (including the loss of a child last year).  She has made a ton of sacrifices, spent countless nights awake praying and believing, even pushed aside personal pursuits.  Her friends will tell you that she is an incredible leader, super strong and very resilient!   She is truly a phenomenal woman!



I’m honored to celebrate amazing women like Wendy who are doing it well.  She has a charming personality, funny as ever, humble, dedicated and a fierce mother!  The beauty in it all is that you reap what you sow, so she has an incredible harvest on the way!  I’m proud to know her.  Wendy you inspired ME, thank you!

Selfless Mother - Wendy Cunningham

Loving and devoted Mother – Selfless


If you ever need beauty/skin care products please reach out to Wendy.  She is ready, willing and able to assist.  You can visit her website HERE.  I will definitely be working with her on some upcoming photo shoots.

So here’s my challenge!  Take the time this season to celebrate the selfless people in your life.  Call someone that may not know the great impact that they have had on your life and say thanks.  Reach out and give that selfless person in your life the biggest hug ever.  You will never know just how much it will mean!  Tis the season for giving, so give a little love to those who give so much of themselves!   And if you know Wendy, please comment and share your thoughts on how awesome she is to you!!