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Why does my hair shed???

This is one of the most frequently asked questions concerning hair, mainly because our goal is to grow and maintain it. However understanding the life cycle of your hair and knowing how to properly take care of your hair will eliminate several problems.

Your hair goes through 3 stages during a life cycle. Growing, Resting, and Departing/Shedding stage. Most people¬†will lose 50-100 strands of hair per day. ¬†In the summer months you may see less shedding due to the humidity. Winter months are more harsh and the climate is drier, you may experience more shedding. Moisturizing shampoos and conditioners are a MUST in the winter. Minimize the use of curling irons, flatirons, and blow dryers during the winter. Opt for styles that require less heat, roller sets, twist sets, and soft molded styles. There are cases where shedding is quite severe due to illness and medications. Also when your hair is relaxed and it’s time for a retouch.

Kelly Montgomery, hair stylist in action

Kelly in action!

Kelly Montgomery hair stylist

Kelly Montgomery of Milili Salon and Spa

Finishing touches from hair stylist, Kelly Montgomery!

Finishing touches by Kelly Montgomery


If you wear braids or weave for an extended amount of time, there will be a lot of hair that will come out during the removal of such styles. Remember 50-100 strands PER DAY. If you feel your shedding is extreme or if you notice bald/ thinning spots check with a licensed professional for assistance.

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