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Isn’t it crazy how we got in trouble for “showing off” when we were kids?  You would get something new and the first thing to do when returning home was to take it, whatever it was, to show your friends.  The new bike, new clothes, toy, microscope (ok, maybe that was just me), you get the drift.  Look, see what I got.  And Lord knows, if it was a new pair of shoes they would surely make you run faster and jump higher (LOL).  Now wait, y’all did that too right?

I suppose there are some times when “showing off” is a good thing right?  Of course, because today I’m showing off some recent headshots that I took of my beautiful wife.  I was photographing an event and afterwards, she looked so amazing that I decided to take advantage of the beautiful scenery.



Yeah, I know, I hear it too “Isn’t she Lovely…”  I’m so grateful to have a beautiful wife, friend, stylist and fashionista.

I have to give a shout out to the best stylist around, the incomparable Kelly Montgomery (Licensed Cosmetologist).  She is an amazing stylist and did a phenomenal job with her hair.  Check her out, Milili Salon & Spa – 815.436.3300

So there, I did it.  Yes, I’m a big “show off” and I’m proud of it.  Show off your spouse too.  Arrange a special photography session for or even with the one YOU love.  Remember, life is too short and too precious.  ENJOY it.  Laugh, Love and Live!  Call or email today and we’ll take care of all of the details to make it a fun session for you but more importantly you will have great images for a lifetime.

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