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Isn’t it crazy how things are in this digital world?  We probably take more pictures now than any other period in life. Pictures of food.  Pictures making the food.  Pictures in the bathroom.  Pictures in bed. Pictures everywhere of everything!! But the vast majority of those pics/selfies and great moments are stuck in a vortex on a device deep in our pockets, purses or that magical “cloud”.KJ1015_022w

In my transparent moment with you all, one of the things that I regret the most is this…  I don’t have good quality pictures of my dad and I (me as an adult) together.  I have none to display in my home, I have none to show my wife and daughter, none of which had the pleasure of meeting him.  Just a few old pictures from the old albums when I was a child.  (Makes me sad just thinking about it).  One of the most impactful people in my life and I have nothing to show of it.  To make matters worse, one of the most important days of my life (my wedding) those images are stored somewhere on a drive, in a drawer (uhhhhmm, i think).  I guess I just didn’t learn.

In my humble opinion, images are made to be displayed.  I’m so blessed with an incredible family.  I want to showcase them! The good news in all of this is that I have made it my goal and purpose to never let it happen again (much to my daughters’ chagrin).  I make it a point to have a variety of big beautiful images of my LOVED ones displayed throughout my home.   Yes, my moment to show off, but also to appreciate the gifts that God has given me through the lives of my wife, daughters and mom.  I love coming home to that.   What better art is there than their beautiful faces.  No more CDs tucked away in a drawer with images that I never look at.   I want something I can see.

Yes technology is great and provides a ton of options and convenience.  But my story is part of my motivation as a photographer to not only take images that truly capture the essence of each personality, but to help create and design the perfect products to provide to my customers to proudly display within our homes.

We all know it too well, life is short.  It’s been almost 20 years since I lost my father and I can’t change what I didn’t do then, but i can surely make a mark and change the trajectory for others.  Showcase your LOVED ones.  Do it big. Metal prints, Canvas, Albums, Shelfies, whatever works for you.  Do something.  Celebrate TODAY!beautiful_030w