The powerful, yet simple beauty of a flower. Isn’t this a beautiful image of a flower? Simple yet stunning. Rich with color and unique. I haven’t seen any other like it. Introducing one of my new favorites, the Spider Flower.

I recently took a day to stop and smell the roses, literally. I was at beautiful Cantigny park mentoring and taking pics of some of the beautiful flowers there. Enjoying the day, minding my business when I realized we could learn from my new friend, Spidey.

Spider flower simple beauty

One of my new favorites – Spider Flower

Simple beauty – Lessons learned

This flower didn’t get more pretty or feel better about itself because of how many likes it got. It didn’t grow taller because of the number of positive comments and accolades. In fact, I checked and couldn’t find a FB or IG profile at all. 🤔 It is simply beautiful. Just being what it was made to be.

I also noticed, this flower didn’t have to do anything extra to look good amongst the other incredibly beautiful flowers. I didn’t see it trying to block the sun from the other flowers, or trying to hog water just to itself. It’s beautiful color and unique look did all the work.

Interesting thing is there were also imperfections present that I didn’t pay attention to at all. The slight things that we tend to focus on. None of the other flowers were making fun of how it stood, or the little things that may not have been just right. I was so caught up in the good that I wasn’t concerned with what was “wrong”.

I think there is so much to learn from this wonderful display of Gods work. If this little flower can stand so beautiful yet garner so much attention with out extra. Why can’t we? We buy expensive clothes. Get fancy accessories. Get jewelry, makeup, hair and on and on. And the bottom line is you are beautiful without all the extra. Fearfully and wonderfully made. In the image of God himself.

There is no need to try and out shine anyone. We can be brighter when we shine together. In fact, when we work together we can accomplish so much more.

No need to compare or impress anyone. Just BE. Let your inner beauty reign. Let your attitude speak volumes. God did the work u just need to allow others to see Him through you.

BeYOUtiful. Just like Spidey, I like you Just the Way You Are (in my Bruno Mars voice).

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