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Yes it’s, here.  A day to support small businesses that pour back into the local communities.  Please take the time to read them all.  At the end, there is a special offer from me, Images by Marc Anthony.

Im excited today to mention and recommend some of my favorite small businesses.  I hope that you will take the time to visit their sites and support them not just this weekend, but ongoing.  There is nothing like shopping somewhere and knowing who it is that you are working with.  To me, the relationships are just as valuable of not more than the end product.  So let’s get to know some of them now.



This first business is one that we all need at some point, although we may not recognize the value of what they offer, event planning.  Events by Epic is an amazing business led by LaTanya Gatewood.  They focus on the event and the intricate details so that you can actually have fun and enjoy the event.  From Date Nights, to kid parties/birthday parties and of course weddings, they can plan it all.  Check out the website, and find out how event planning is not just a skill, but an Art!!



Sweets?   Oh yes, one of my favorites.  How about some bite sized, but super delicious sweet treats.  That’s what BabyCakes by Tiffany delivers for any occasion.

BabyCakes by TIffany And what better time than during the Holidays.  Save some time in the kitchen and order a variety of delicious treats that will surely leave your guests speechless.  She will work with you to create a great menu to meet your needs.  You can reach her at BabyCakes.








Body Refined by Labelle, started out because of her own issues with allergies and her desire to find organic products that are effective.  Owner, Antoinette Thompson has used her background in the beauty industry to create her own line of organic all natural skin care products.  Their goal is to nurture and moisturize the entire body with natural and organic ingredients.  They make soaps, lotions, sugar scrubs and lip balms.   Website –







You can’t forget your hair!!!  Well my next two favs are both in the hair care world.  The first, The Girls Xtensionz, offers the best hair weave and wigs you can find and even better service.  Whether you are looking for long or short, wavy or straight, Brazilian or Peruvian, they have you covered.  Looking for a certain color, they can get what you need.  Check them out today, TheGirlsXtensionz.  You will not be disappointed.  Follow them on social media for tips and specials too.





And you can’t have great looking hair without an amazing stylist.  Yes, my next favorite small business is no other than professional stylist, Kelly Montgomery. Kelz_017w2 She is a Licensed Cosmetologist and works out of Milili Spa and Salon and is truly amazing, especially with short hair.  She is great with hair repair and helping women grow healthy hair.  Kelly is not just about hair.  She is also concerned with the well being of each and every client and is truly a blessing to many.  If you are in search of a stylist please give Kelly a call at 815.436.3300.  Not only will she have you looking great, she will also make sure you leave with a smile.




imageNow, with it being the Holiday Season it is imperative that we all take the proper measures to ensure that we work off all of the food that we’ll be indulging in.  Including some of the aforementioned sweet treats.  Well, meet Certified Personal Trainer, Darice Bolden.  She is the perfect gift to yourself and motivation to get that body back together.  She is an awesome trainer, patient yet firm.  Don’t wait another day/week/month.  Schedule your personal training session today.  She also provides help with nutritional eating plans.  Don’t wait until the New Year to make a resolution to get in shape.  Jump into action NOW and book your session TODAY.  Go HERE





One of my favorite make up artists, StacyFaces!  She is a total beast with makeup.  It’s evident in her work that she is not only good at what she does, but she enjoys it too.  Stacy is a pleasure to work with and fun to be around.  There will surely be laughter when she is in the room.  And that’s a great thing because she keeps each and every client calm throughout the process.  And when they see the finished product her clients are always pleased.  So go ahead, get your face beat (did i say that right?  LOL).  You can reach Stacy at  Schedule your next beauty make over today!


Now this next business isn’t one that we typically run to, but it’s one of the most important.  My buddy Roger Chawla, owner of Chawla & Associates CPA’s, works hard to get your taxes and business affairs in order.  They are located in Naperville and very easy to get to.  If you have not yet found an accountant, I strongly recommend you reach out to Roger and his team.  Email Roger at

Frustrated with raising funds for your non-profit? Your First 500k can teach you how to get people to give, how to ask for donations without feeling awkward, and12122578_431104780425088_3516667396816675498_n how to secure gifts greater than $25,000. Sign up for more information:

Need a Videographer?  Terrence Ford of Lamar Hailey Media is a total beast with incredible post production work.  He knows exactly how to tell the story and to give all of the necessary special effects.  I truly love his work and appreciate his attention to detail.  For your video needs email

The last business I will mention this time around is Any Street Boutique.  They carry a ton of great accessories, hats, scarves, jewelry and more.  Check them out online at AnyStreetBoutique

So last but not least.  I promised that if you make it to the end there would be a special offer from me to you.  My Small Business Saturday Deal.  This deal is only available to the first 3 paying customers.  If you prepay for a Spring/Summer outdoor session ($225 for a 60 min session) you will receive a free outdoor session to use in July or August.  You can use the session for yourself or be a blessing to someone else and give it to them.  Sessions do not include images.  We offer some great products designed to display your images on your walls, on desks or in beautiful albums.  We will set up an in-person consultation to review our process as well as review our product line in advance of your shoot.  Click Small Business Saturday to begin the process.

In addition, I wanted to give you all insight to an amazing new concept that we are introducing in 2016.  The Girlfriend session.  This unique session is designed for that special group of 3-4 friends who would love to have a fun day with make up and a custom photo shoot, including group shots and individual images.  They will be a ton of fun, including music and additional treats.  Inquire today to book your Girlfriend session!

Don’t forget to support Small Business!