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Canal Winchester High school soccer star





Isn’t it amazing watching our young people grow up?!  I’ve had the pleasure of observing my niece from day one and it’s been such an awesome journey. I am so proud of her. She is a fierce competitor on the field and such a sweet young lady off the field, truly beautiful inside and out!

She is one of many amazing teammates for the Canal Winchester Indians, a suburb of Columbus, Ohio.  I love her tenacity and focus on the field.  And her speed is amazing, but somewhat deceptive to me.  It’s like one minute she is just jogging along and the next, she has blown past everyone scoring a goal or an assist.  And what impresses me even more is her humility.  I watched 2 years of her highlights and not once did I see her with a big celebration or disorderly conduct to the opposing team.  That is so rare in these days of self promotion and celebration. Not only is she a stellar athlete, she also excels in the classroom.  She rocks a 3.98GPA, handling business on and off of the field.

I am so excited for her senior year.  Closing of one chapter and great preparation for the incredible journey ahead.  It was a true pleasure to shoot her senior photos.  We had a blast, creating unique images that captured her personality.  We visited downtown Columbus and had a blast before heading to her second home, the soccer field, for some action shots.  We had so much fun planning her outfits and working on the plan to ensure we had amazing senior images.  It was cool to have her brother Donavan, who will be a senior next year, along with us shooting some behind the scenes footage.

I truly enjoyed traveling from Chicago to Columbus for this amazing shoot.  Here are a few more awesome images of Alyssa, my soccer star.

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Alyssa downtown photo shoot