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Isn’t it crazy how many people seem unsatisfied with their life. Not happy about their job, wish for a bigger house, wanting a better car. And the crazy thing is that the more we get, the more we seem to want.

I can’t help but to think that the social media crazed world that we live in contributes significantly to this issue. In fact, I’m reading an amazing book “#Struggles” by Craig Groeschel that highlights this very issue (do yourself a favor and get the book). It’s a dangerous game to constantly compare ourselves to others.  You will never find a sense of peace when you are comparing your entire story to someone else’s highlights.


Complain and murmur. Wish but accomplish nothing. It seems like too many of us are in a rat race rushing to get things, but forgetting about the experiences and the journey along the way. Today, I saw this video from entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk WATCH NOW and it sums it all up for me.
YOU have the power to make things happen. Stop making excuses. Stop letting people and circumstances dictate your success. Stop chasing things and prepare to leave something other than debt for your children and their children.


If you are unhappy & don’t like the way things are going – SHIFT!

Go to the next level, whatever that is for you. Maybe its going back to school, pursuing your passion, starting that business, writing that book. Whatever IT is, stop focusing on the negative and GO!  Stop letting others define your SUCCESS.  It may mean you have to let some people go.  People who don’t support you.  People who can’t or won’t encourage you. You may have to stay off of social media for a season.  It definitely means that you will have to change some habits.  You can’t do what you have always done and expect different results.  Write down your plan, and start today!