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LP_151wI love it when a photo shoot becomes so much more than just a shoot.  That’s exactly what happened when I had the extreme pleasure of working with Lisa.

I have always said that there is so much more to photography than just taking a picture.  It’s about connecting with people and capturing life as it is in the moment.  This shoot surely proved to be that and so much more.  During the pre shoot consultation, we had an incredible connection and Lisa opened up to me sharing that she was undergoing several tests and the Doctors were 95% sure she had Breast Cancer.  Talk about a serious health scare. The Doctors found a mass of Micro-calcifications and she had 15 biopsies and the removal of a cyst.  We found out that she would get her results on the day that we were planning to do her shoot.  Immediately I was overwhelmed.  Isn’t it crazy how we can get caught up in the little things of life and then God place someone in your path to put everything in perspective?  The best part about is was the approach Lisa had to it all.  She was upbeat and encouraging the entire time.  She was a blessing to me in the conversation, yet she was the one with a prognosis that could have had her defeated.  Yet we continued to plan and she kept such a confident smile even as we departed.

On the day of the shoot, the first question I asked was “How are we doing?”  and the Great News came through her beaming smile “I don’t have cancer”.  The Doctors were dumfounded, but pleasantly surprised that everything came back benign.  Lisa was free and clear! What an awesome way to start the day.  Again, little things tried to dampen the mood like a make up artist that cancelled at the last minute, but that didn’t really matter on this day.  We were blessed with another angel in by the name of Tiffany who is the owner/stylist at StudioLuxe Hair Salon in Naperville (Please check her out.  She is amazing!!).  She was there to do Lisa’s hair, but jumped in and did make up as well.  She was a true gem and no doubt a part of the plan!


The rest of the shoot was absolutely amazing.  The incomparable, Kay Monelle was working with me on this shoot and helped in such an amazing way.  She has an infectious spirit and truly lights up a room whenever she is around.  We worked through multiple outfits and shared in a ton of laughter, dancing to the tunes of Shaggy (Lisa’s favorite tune, “Strength of a Woman”) and more fun while the shutter clicked away.

I was so pleased to play a tiny role on such an awesome day, celebrating life.  Having fun and capturing images that I’m sure she will remember for a lifetime.  Yes, it’s so much more than just taking pictures.  It’s about living life together and sharing in moments that are truly priceless.

I’m thankful for the gift but even more grateful for the opportunity to make friends and share in moments just like this one!  Please don’t take for granted the love that you have around you.  If I could borrow the words from Kool and the Gang, “Cherish the love you have” because tomorrow is truly not promised!!!


Thank you Lisa for sharing and being a blessing to me!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month – please get tested.  It’s so worth it.



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