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The Quick Fix

As you prepare for your upcoming photo shoot always expect the best and be equipped to fix any hair issues that may arise.  It’s summmmer… (in my Olaf voice) and elevated temperatures, humidity and and rain can ruin your freshly coiffed hair.  Listed below are some “Quick Fix” products  that can rescue a troubled hair style.

For Frizzy edges:

* Edge Control/ Tamer is a non sticky, non greasy gel that is used to lay down your hairline hair.

To Redefine spikes/tapered hair:

* Wax Stick Definer is a lightweight wax used to define spiked hair styles, also gives directional control for short tapered hairstyles.

Frizzy Hair:

* Anti Humidity Hair Sprays  are designed to shield the hair from moisture that creates frizz.

These are just a few “Quick fix” products that will help control an out of control style quickly!

Quick Fix article provided by Kelly Montgomery.

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