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I had the pleasure of working with Tiffany of BabyCakes by Tiffany for an awesome taste testing event this past week at Saage Culinary Kitchen.  Tiffany had provided an impressive array of sweet treats including caramel apple macaroons, chocolate mousse cups, mini carrot cake bites, gourmet apples, dessert jars and more.  She really goes the extra mile to make sure that they taste good, but they look incredible too.  In fact, some of the treats were so good, they were hard to keep on the trays.

These tiny delights are the absolute perfect treats for the upcoming Holiday season. You can have many choices of dessert flavors to touch the varying desires of your guests this year.  Instead of the same ol’ chocolate cake, call Tiffany and let her help you plan your menu to create a smorgasbord of delectable treats.  Your dessert selection will be the talk of friends and family for weeks to come.

BabyCakesTasting_152The decorations and location for the event were also really amazing.  Saage Culinary Studio is an amazing commercial kitchen space with an area just for hosting events like BabyCakesTasting_113this one.  Chefs, take notice and check out the website for details.  Its a great location to host a tasting event or even a cooking show or taping.   The decorations were also top notch.  Exquisite Events and Designs, led by Chandra Pitts did an amazing job.  The room felt just like a fall harvest, warm and full of energy.  It truly fit the theme of the event and made the tasting more pleasant.



If you didn’t make it, you truly missed out on an awesome event.  There was even a giveaway by personal trainer Darice Bolden.  After eating so many of the treats I’m sure we could all use a few workout sessions.  It’s not too late to check her out too, with the holiday eating season coming soon.

So check out all of the businesses mentioned and support the local small business.  And don’t forget to call Tiffany to order your holiday treats!

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