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Yeah, I understand, the same ol dinner and a movie.  Over and over again.  Don’t get me wrong I love a good movie and great food, but it gets a little stale after a while.  And to top it off you can’t really interact with others at the movies without being shhhhhhh’d!  How rude.  LOL And when you add up the cost these days it’s like a minimum of $60 for 2 to eat and catch a movie (and that’s eating cheap). The meal alone could be $60 or more realistically.

So why not try something different?  Something EPIC!   Yes, an Epic Date Night experience.  They are fun and different ways to get out and rekindle the flame and enjoy spending time with other couples in the process.

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This last Epic Experience was GREAT.  The couples got together and had an awesome meal prepared by the team at A Taste of Heaven Catering.  Once finished it was time to dance the food away by learning line dances.    It took me right back to my college days when I spent the entire night on the dance floor (But enough of the flashback). We learned simple dances, refreshed our memory on familiar dances and had a BLAST the entire time.  I forgot how much exercise dancing is…

EbEdance_040w EbEdance_075w EbEdance_079-2

It was truly an awesome evening hanging with some familiar faces and meeting new friends too.  In fact, I can hardly wait for the next Epic Date Night.  This one will be one of my favorites because it’s a game night. Oh yes, spades, spoons, bid whist and more. There will be great food as always but the games will truly be the highlight of the evening. So check the website for additional details and sign up ASAP as this one is sure to fill up fast.  This event isn’t for the faint of heart either.  So if you are a sore loser, this may not be the event for you!  LOL

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