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You see, I have the mushroom belt to go with my mushroom shirt.  You’ve got to cooooordinate.  ha ha ha

Ok, so no one really does it like that (if you do, that’s ok too) but it’s such a popular question when preparing for a family or group photo shoot.  In my professional opinion it is always great when families/groups coordinate their colors.  That coordination can look different ways.  It can me staying within the same color family, or it can mean wearing the exact colors.  Either way, it’s great when there is synergy within an image.  Here is an example of both.


Sherrill Family – Fun Times


Quenton Henderson and Family – Fall Photo Shoot


One of the benefits of planning your photo shoot with Images by Marc Anthony is that we provide a wardrobe consultation with each photo shoot.  We will create a pinterest board just for you with color ideas and wardrobe suggestions based on your style.  We also have a stylist who is available at an additional cost to do a one on one consultation and even shop for the most amazing wardrobe options.  The bottom line is that we want you to look good and don’t mind going the extra mile to be sure of it.   Below is an example of color schemes that we put together to stimulate ideas.

Our focus is to have you looking your absolute best.  The question is, what are you waiting for?  Don’t delay, book your session today and start the process to creating the best looks possible for you amazing shoot!


See you soon!