Preschool Prom?  Wait, what?

What an amazing idea to have a prom for the preschool children.  That’s what the team at, The Goddard School Plainfield – 5005 Theodore St., did.  And let me tell you what an event it was.

The theme for the preschool prom this year was “Under The Sea” and the room was decorated in an amazing way to capture the attention of the kids.  From sea shells and kid favorite movie themed characters, they had it all.  They even had special water designed just for the prom.  And the DJ (Yes, I said DJ) was great, jamming to the latest hits and playing some of the kids favorites from Frozen and other movie titles.

I wasn’t at all surprised that the Goddard School went the extra mile with the menu too.  They had a full buffet complete with a ton of healthy items to choose from.  I’m pretty sure the food wasn’t that good at my prom!!  LOL

Seeing the kids and parents dressed up and so amazingly cute was so much fun.  Each and every girl was a Princess for the evening, taking every moment to twirl just like their favorite Disney Princess. Watching them dance and have fun was the icing on the cake.  They also crowned a King and Queen from each age group.  One of my most favorite parts of the entire event was the parent/child dance towards the end.  It was great to see the love on the faces of each and every child dancing with their mother or father and in some cases their grand parent.  It totally warmed my heart and surely helps set the stage for what real relationships will look like down the road. Kudos to the parents, familes and friends for making time to make this such an awesome event for the children!

What an amazing idea and the team at The Goddard School Plainfield led by Rundy and Karen Wells did a phenomenal job of making it come to life.  I was and am still blown away.  I’m sure that the kids had an experience that they will NEVER forget.  The standard has been officially raised!

If you are in need of an incredible school for your child, do yourself a favor and visit the Spring Fling – Open House this Saturday, May 16th from 10-12pm.  The Goddard School Plainfield can be reached at 815.254.1679.


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