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Today’s BLOG is one simply meant to challenge you.  I know you have dreams, plans, ideas…   Yup, the ones that are in your head and never made it to paper (or iPad or computer).  The book that hasn’t been written, the company not yet started, that passion that so deeply yearns within, yeah that one!

Whats stopping you from doing it?  Yeah I know, we come up with plenty of “reasons” why we can’t – not enough time, not enough money, not enough contacts, my kids, my…   Enough, I’m sure you get the picture. Did you know that all of the following businesses were started during a recession or financial crisis?  FedEx, UPS, HP, Charles Schwab, Revlon, GM, Proctor and Gamble and more.  A recession!  Times when not only was money funny, but so was the outlook on life for many, not to mention the stress and anxiety that existed.   And they are still here today.

Oh wait, you say you’re too old?   Did you know that these incredible people all launched successful careers after the age of 40. John Paul DeJoria, Vera Wang, Marc Pincus and actor Steve Carrell got his big break after 40.

As Thomas Jefferson said, “Why out off til tomorrow what you can begin today?”  It’s time to begin or to pick up from where you left off.   Write your plan, and start putting action to it.  Do your research, call in a favor if you need to, do whatever it takes but by all means please do something.   Yes it may be intimidating and there will surely be haters but it’s time to begin, TODAY.

The sad reality is that our greatest enemy, the very one keeping us from doing those incredible things is US.   We allow self doubt and negative self talk to keep us bound, never fulfilling the great ideas inside.   We sabotage ourselves and even blame our shortfalls on any and everyone else around us.  So STOP already.  Today is a new day with new opportunities to get it right.  The first step to going in the right direction is to stop going in the wrong direction.

So let’s do it.   Begin today.  Let nothing get in your way!   Let’s go, I’m waiting and so is the rest of the world.