Leta Hyche – Amazing Realtor, Awesome Person

As many of you know, I moved to NC from Chicagoland in 2020, smack dab in the middle of the pandemic. Crazy times for sure. I had an amazing client base in the Chicago area and knew that it would take quite an effort to break into a new market.
One of the first things I did was look up and determine what realtors I wanted to work with based on social media profile, work ethic, and all that you can see from social media (trust me you can learn a lot by observing). I wanted to find my tribe. Not just any group of realtors, but people that I genuinely rock with and for. 

The Search

As I searched, one of the first realtors that I found and followed was Leta Hyche. After not long at all, I felt like I’d known Leta since grade school. Funny, engaging, sincere, professional, and genuine. Not only does she highlight her work, but she also showcases her beautiful family. A comprehensive view of who she is, which I believe is important because people buy from people (people they can relate to).

Then there is her workout schedule. She motivates me to keep fit. We are both Peloton riders so it always pushes me when I see her Peloton posts. Health is wealth.

Amazing Realtor Leta Hyche


I was also intrigued because she operates in 2 markets, not just the triad but for the ATL (one of my favorite cities). It can be tough working one market but it takes strong relationships to be an effective realtor in 2 markets (not so close together, might I add). And did I mention she was a foodie too?  Yup, that caught my eye and she even blessed my family with some restaurant suggestions both local and in the A (she was on point with them all).


The first time we worked together we didn’t meet in person, but her clients were the most awesome couple and they spoke so highly of her.  Upon finally meeting what I established from getting to know her online was magnified in person.  Super genuine and DOPENESS personified. I love supporting all that she does and appreciate her business and kindness.
So let’s hear from Leta, an amazing realtor. I took some time to ask her a few questions and I’d love for you to hear her responses. 

So, let’s start from the beginning. How and why did you get into Real Estate?

I was working in social services. It had become very exhausting and emotionally draining for me. I knew that before I could start planning to have children I needed to have a less stressful career. After purchasing my 1st home and working with a phenomenal real estate agent I decided that I wanted to become licensed and start a career in real estate. I enrolled, passed class and test on the 1st try and quit my job within a month of being licensed. I have been full-time since March 2012 and never looked back.

Are you a Realtor only or are you also an investor?

Both! I definitely have more experience as a real estate agent as I have been doing it for nearly a decade but my parents are both investors and my husband and I have started an investment company called Hyche Holdings.  We plan to dive more into long and short-term real estate investing in 2022.

What are some of the greatest challenges you see in the industry?

This is truly a faith-based business. a transaction could be going smooth and there will still be unexpected hurdles that pop up at any given time. Add to that the low inventory and multiple offers that many buyers are having to deal with. These are definitely crazy times!

So you have a base in 2 locations.  How do you manage listings, appointments and everything that comes with being a great agent in 2 places?

I have help!!! I’ve had showing agents in GA since 2019 who help with showings, inspections, walkthroughs, etc.  I also have eXp partners in both GA and NC who assist with both my buyer clients and my listings as needed. I recently hired a transaction manager who is more help than I even knew I needed!
I am intentional about connecting to every client and assuring them that I will always protect their interest from initial meetings to contract to closing. I stay in constant communication with all clients and I am involved with every step even if it’s primarily remote. I have MANY clients that I have helped purchase and /or sell that I have not yet met in person but I feel like we are all family and I look forward to the opportunity to meet them all one day!

Social media. One of the greatest marketing tools and potentially the most distracting at the same time. How do you use it to your advantage? What limits do you place on it, if any?

Social Media is definitely one of my primary sources of lead generation only behind repeat clients and referrals. I don’t pay for leads, do cold calling or door knocking but I try to connect with “my people” and post regularly enough to remain visible and top of mind to agents who may want to refer or co-op with me, with potential clients, and with my sphere of influence in general so that they know who I am, what I do and that I can help them purchase and sale anywhere nationwide. Not just in the states that I serve.

I only post real estate related content when I have the energy and space to engage for at least 20 minutes before and/or after. I want to make sure that I am intentionally connecting with people who I believe find value in my content and who I also find value in theirs. I try to unfollow people and pages that I am not interested in so that my newsfeed is full of interesting, entertaining, and/or inspiring content. Also, I try not to scroll on social media until I have started my morning routines…. workouts/prayer/meditation, and all though I may check notifications I also try to limit the amount of scrolling I do when I am spending time with my littles/family and before bed. 

What keeps you motivated?

Family. My desire is to help people reach their goals in real estate whether it be buyers, sellers, or real estate agents. Also the desire to create a legacy for my littles and do real estate differently than I ever did before.

How do you manage a busy schedule?

Manage – ish. lol! I am still figuring that out! As an entrepreneur with no set hours, it’s important to take control of your schedule so that you are not simply working on and off the entire day. Blocking out specific times dedicated for work every day so that the bulk of my work is done during that time allows me to schedule my days and check off what’s completed. It helps me continue to feel productive without getting overwhelmed. There will of course be times when I have to work outside of that schedule but that is only as needed and not every day all day. As mentioned before…..I have help, I delegate, and I take my breaks as needed!

Personal time and self care is so essential. How do you recharge? What tips do you have for those who are always on the grind, but seldom recharge?

I schedule time to work out daily. It definitely helps keep me straight mentally, physically, and emotionally. When I need to rest I rest. I definitely need to schedule more time with friends and more time alone. The plan is to start doing that soon!
My only advice would be to listen to your mind, body, and spirit. Take care of you first. Stay full, stay active, connect with God and be intentional about finding your joy. You can’t pour from an empty cup.

What’s next for Leta?

That’s a great question!! I’m figuring that out as I move along!! lol! I have a few real estate and non real estate goals that I am brainstorming and initiating. I want to continue to serve clients, continue to coach agents and continue to find ways to work this business smarter and not harder!

Where to find Leta

So how can YOU get in touch with Leta to help you search for your new home or sell your current home? Great question, simply check out her website Letahychetriad.exprealty.com for North Carolina and Letahyche.com in Atlanta (go Braves!). You can also follow her on IG @livelovelist.

So there you have it, she is an amazing realtor, a great leader, and a phenomenal person. Authentic! I pray for extreme blessings for her and her family and that everything she touches will prosper.

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