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I think we can all relate to the fact that 2020 has been a year. Full of ups, downs, question marks, and definitely some exclamation points. My family moved in the middle of a pandemic from Chicagoland to North Carolina (take your shirt off and wave it like a helicopter) ooops, I digress. In the midst of the crazy, there have been some awesome things too. One of them for me has been the discovery of Believe Nutrition in Greensboro.

The Beginning

Owning a business and starting over in a new city has been a tall order (we’ll save that for another blog) but one of the most important things for me is getting to know people in my new surroundings. And since networking has drastically changed in this new world, I had to rely on social media heavily to identify businesses/people and begin to engage. One of my favorite businesses that I was blessed to find (Thanks to the post of an amazing realtor Lindsay Colvin) is Believe Nutrition. It’s a wonderful, healthy shake and tea shop. They make delicious drinks that are also nutritious. My current favorite is the Grinch, but I may turn into one when the Holiday menu goes away. Needless to say, there are so many amazing options. I encourage you to get in there and let me know what your fav is.

The Believe Team

Princess Reaves, Owner of Believe Nutrition
Princess, Owner of Believe Nutrition

The owner, Princess, and the rest of the squad are super dope. They provide excellent service and are super personable. I initially went because of the recommendation from Lindsay and from day one I was a BELIEVEr (get it?). I was impressed that they remembered who I was on my second visit which is hard to do in these masked times (LOL). The energy there is contagious and you leave feeling better than when you arrived. I’ve been doing business spotlights for a while and because they were so awesome I had to feature them.


I wanted to provide some deeper insight than what I have observed so I asked Princess a few questions. Check it out.

What is your motivation?

Believe Nutrition is all about making the city of Greensboro healthier and happier through good nutrition. I love the fact that I can do that by selling people healthy shakes and B Vitamin filled energy drinks that will help their bodies feel really good with all of the nutrients! I also love to put smiles on people’s faces. So, if I can do that and provide healthy meal options, it’s just an added BONUS!

Where did the inspiration behind the name come from?

When I kept thinking about opening a place like this up, I never thought that was attainable for me. I never believed in myself that I could really make this happen. So, I stopped thinking negatively, had encouraging conversations with my fiancé, prayed to God about it a lot, and started believing in myself. Now, Believe Nutrition is here and I couldn’t be more happier!

sidenote: Its so awesome that the one thing that was once a barrier is now the name of her store and a place of inspiration for others. And I didn’t mention that this amazing entrepreneur is under 30. She is bold and powerful and a reminder that when you believe in your self and trust God, all things are possible.

Believe Nutrition Shake
Love the messages…
So, every cup I’ve purchased includes a special message. Where did the idea come from? (another one of those awesome things about Believe. Delicious, nutritious, and uplifting!)

Yes! Every cup has a positive message or affirmation because I love to spread positivity! I have a positivity wall, and people love it! This whole year I’ve been speaking these same messages over my life, so I love doing that to others and make their day!

What motivates you?

Making people feel good, laugh and loving on each customer that walks into Believe is what motivates me. It is literally the driving force!

What one thing would you want a potential customer to know?

One thing that I would want a potential customer to know about Believe is that they will get the best customer service, a tasty healthy treat in a positive environment that is so inviting!

I love the partnership with Get Up and Glo Fitness. Tell me more about that.
Believe Nutrition and Get Up and Glo Fitness
Work out and refresh!

The partnership with Get Up and Glo Fitness is EVERYTHING! Get Up and Glo Fitness is run by my longtime friend and sister, J’rai Hammonds, and she is amazing! She is an ACE Fitness Professional, and she trains a huge number of people and she’s so good at it! It was only right to partner up with her, and do our Glo & Shake events that will now be held monthly at Believe Nutrition! It’s an hour-long fitness class ran by J’rai, and everyone who participates in the class gets a post-workout shake! Our first class was a great success, and we look forward to having many more!

What advice would you give to young black aspiring entrepreneurs?

The only advice that I would give to young black aspiring entrepreneurs is to never get up! Never give up on anything that you truly want to do! Never limit yourself, because the only way to go is UP!

Get There!

So there you have it. Princess and the Believe Nutrition crew are the real deal and the drinks are amazing. Remember the GRINCH is my favorite. But I’d love to hear what you like. We will have to do a blog featuring J’Rai and Get up and Glo Fitness soon. In the meantime, drive over to High Point Rd in Greensboro and grab you that yummy, yummy shake, energy tea, or whatever it is that makes your heart sing. Say hello to the squad and enjoy the experience.

J'Rai Get Up and Glo FitnessBelieve
This could be your drink. What are you waiting for?

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