Birthday behavior

I always have fun with my clients and meeting new people and learning who they are is the best. This shoot was different though. I was blessed to shoot my best friend who is also my wife and the love of my life. After begging and pleading to get her to actually do it the fun began. This is her Birthday behavior photoshoot.

birthday behavior photo shoot

As we drove to the location I realized I had forgotten my softbox (I prefer shooting with OCF – off-camera flash) so I decided to rock this shoot with natural light. There was some doubt in the air but I reassured Erica that I was a professional and we were good. You can decide how you think it went as you see the images. 🔥📷


Clothing is always super important for any shoot (well except real estate. I’ve never seen a house get dressed. 🤪). Now what you may not know is my wife, Erica, is a fashionista and has clothes for days with tags on them. So to the closets (yes, plural) she went. Outfit after outfit, pairs of shoes, and of course accessories. I think there were about 10 outfits but we settled on 3 that really complemented her skin tones and rocked that figure 😁

birthday behavior


This shoot was also a milestone shoot (not allowed to say which mile… 🤣😂) and I definitely wanted something different for her so we took a mini road trip to the DOPENESS of the Raleigh/Durham area. We visited the America Tobacco Campus in Durham and it never fails. So many places to shoot and we took advantage of our fair share. It’s an absolutely beautiful location and allowed variety as we used 2 of the outfits.


I had my business partner and homie Kennedy working BTS all day. She had some awesome creative ideas and also added some poses that Erica loved. I love creating videos while shooting to help put everything together. She also keeps it fun and engaging.

birthday photo shoot

My love

In the words of Ice Cube, it was a good day. We had fun creating amazing images and memories that will forever be cherished. I even have a couple of images for my personal collection 🥰😉  The images will definitely be proudly displayed throughout our home. 

Make it a point to celebrate the ones you love and show that love with prints. There are many different options including image boxes, albums, metal prints, and framed prints to show your family off. Don’t wait. Life is short. Do IT!

birthday behavior

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