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"I may be shooting their head, but I'm aiming for their heart"

- Peter Hurley

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Traditional & Corporate Sessions

Traditional headshots are most commonly used for corporate catalogs, brochures and advertising collateral, company publications, press releases, annual reports, marketing materials, articles and 'Our Team' and 'About Us' sections on company websites. We create a setting featuring a non-dramatic, simple-lighting setup for the most flattering image of you that highlights your aptitude, intellect and professionalism.

Outdoor & Creative Sessions

With a desire to stand out and make a statement, many clients opt for our more creative or in-the-field headshot sessions. Without sacrificing the power of a simple background, we find the environment that best complements you; that is, whatever makes you feel relaxed, confident and free to be you. From musicians, private instructors and writers to models, artists and personal chefs, our goal at Images by Marc Anthony is to capture the essence of you so you can keep doing what you love most.
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