This business spotlight is extremely special because the focal point of Kennedy’s Kraft Studio is my baby girl, @ImKennedyJade! She is truly one of the most creative people I know and has been making things since she was 2. She has turned that passion into amazing art and jewelry which she sells on her Etsy shop.

The Passion

As I mentioned, she has been creating for a long time. She and I would talk about an idea and then work to figure out how to make it come to life. She has created mini-refrigerators and closets for her dolls, made a car from an old box, and has painted some amazing pieces for a 10-year-old. She is also a good photographer and will be trying her hand at playing the guitar soon.


Kennedy's Kraft Studio
My favorite

KJ is not only creative but when she gets her mind set on something she will research and find whatever she needs to make it happen. When she got serious about painting she started looking into the best techniques and what types and sizes of brushes would be best. She watches videos and then makes it her own, creating super cute paintings just like this one, one of my personal favorites. She asked what colors I liked and we briefly discussed a concept and this is what she brought back.

I love the fact that her work is not all the same. She has learned different techniques and will vary what she is doing each time. I can’t wait to see what she creates next. I have a mini gallery in my office already!

What’s next for Kennedy’s Kraft Studio?

KennedyJade is preparing to invest in a Cricut which will expand her ability to create additional works of art. In addition she is researching new products that will help her to reach additional customers. She is also preparing to purchase her first guitar, so you might also have some music available soon.

Kennedy Jade is also an awesome photographer so I’m pretty certain we will see some amazing prints available in her store too. She has an awesome eye and such a unique perspective with her images.

Learning and Growing

I’m excited to see what comes next from Kennedy’s Kraft Studio. I’m so proud of this 10 year old entrepreneur. Kennedy is a driven young lady and I’m so proud to watch her growth up close. You can follow the journey on Instagram @ IMKennedyJade. Stay tuned, because she stays committed!

Kennedy's Kraft Studio ImKennedyJade

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