Professional Photography for Airbnb

The competitive landscape of short-term rentals is becoming more intense. This is why professional photography for Airbnb is super important. As Eminem once said, “You only get one shot, do not miss…” ok, so he wasn’t talking about short-term rentals and making sure that people want to know more about YOUR space, but it sure does apply. The one shot you may have is when they are scrolling through images and see what your place has to offer. Do they feel the vibe of your space? Do they feel welcomed and safe? Wait, can pictures do all that? Absolutely they can and they can convey so much more when done properly. So let’s walk through a few things to help you find professional photography for Airbnb in Winston Salem, Greensboro, and Charlotte that will boost your rentals.

Professional Photography for Airbnb living room
Professional Airbnb photography images

Hire a professional real estate photographer

The first step is to hire a professional. I know we live in the time of DIY, I mean everyone has a dope camera phone right? Sure, but do you know and understand lighting? Are you able to get the proper angles that showcase the rooms in the best way? Will your photos be level and color corrected? There are so many aspects that go into creating amazing images, so why leave it to chance? You are going to want that Airbnb to stay booked and what better way than to give it an amazing jump start with professional images.

Professional Photography for Airbnb
Bathroom Details

It’s all about the experience

It’s also important to consider the additional aspects of what a professional Real estate photographer can bring. It’s essential for short-term rentals to highlight and showcase the amenities of the property. Do you have the latest and greatest coffee machine? It can be hard to describe in words, but a nice close-up of this fine bean crushing, aroma delivering technology can make a world of difference. Again, it’s the experience. Maybe there is a fresh cup of coffee in the picture with the machine. A professional can help provide ideas that will make the images stand out even more.


Be sure to properly vet your photographer to ensure that they understand what you are looking for and ask for examples of their previous work. Not all photographers are created equal LOL. Seriously tho, if someone specializes in pet photography and you hire them to shoot your Airbnb, you might not get the ideal images you are seeking. Ask questions, share your vision and ask for their ideas as well. Do you have a special fire pit, that you want to showcase? Are there special features in the house that you want people to know about? Communication is essential and a mini consultation ahead of time may save you tons of time and effort.

Professional Photography for Airbnb twilight
Twilight Professional Airbnb photography

Something Different

Professional Aerial Real Estate Photography for Airbnb
Aerial views

Professional photography for Airbnb is essential, but why not take it a step further. Ask your photographer about creating a 45-60 sec video that shows off the home in a different way. Again, competition is getting more intense and this could be the one thing that helps someone choose to stay at your Airbnb vs. the one a few miles away. Creative video can showcase the home even more and definitely adds a special touch to your complete listing. Your clients will arrive feeling like they already know their way around.

Do it Right

Airbnb Professional Real Estate Photography
Kid room details

There are so many other ways to cut costs as you are building your short-term rental empire, don’t add photography to that list. Hire a professional in the Triad or Charlotte and reap the rewards of amazing images that set your Airbnb listings far above the rest. Professional Photography for Airbnb will surely help set you up and if you are not yet a super host it can help you get there (of course you have to do the right things to service your clients once they get there).

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