Constant reminder from Darryl!

Self-check. I have been reading The Big Leap with my brother and fellow photographer, Darryl Moore of Phocused by Darryl Photography and we started referring to the term that originated on basketball playgrounds all across the US, self-check. If you have ever played basketball, it’s likely that you’ve heard this expression used. As soon as a player with limited abilities gets the ball his defender yells self-check and leaves to double someone else because no one believes that he will score. 9 times out of 10 the player being referred to doesn’t believe it either, hence “self-check”.

Say what?

Now you may be asking how we came up with that phrase while reading a business/self-help book. Great question. The book deals with identifying behaviors that essentially hold us back from reaching our potential. More often than not, what holds us back are our own thoughts and behaviors, self-check. We decided that we will not be that guy. The guy that gets left because no one believes (including himself ) that he can. In fact, we are using the phrase as a motivation to ensure that it doesn’t become our plight.

All areas

We have challenged each other to do better with our exercise routine (that Rona weight ain’t no joke) and committed to doing a daily 7 min workout. Yup, it’s a cycle of exercises done in a rotation over just 7 minutes. Pretty simple right? But ask me how many times we have missed our commitment, self-check. 7 MINUTES. You mean to tell me, I can’t find 7 minutes in a day to dedicate to my health? Really? Crazy enough if we aren’t careful that same, self-check can carry into our spiritual lives, our marriage, our businesses, and more. And it’s crazy how we can defend our inability to stay true to our word.


Have you ever gone to an industry conference (photography for us) and learned a ton of information only to come home and not implement anything new? Thousands of dollars spent, hours invested, business lost and NOTHING changed? I have heard statistics that say this same behavior is typical of over 65% of the people that attend said conferences. The thrill and excitement of the moment bring a rush but you get home, life happens, and self-check.

The Leap

This mindset can be so deflating and debilitating and as the BIG Leap says, it happens because of an upper limit problem. I won’t break it down here, but I will tell you the book is a worthwhile investment. I encourage you to recognize those self-check moments in your life. That is one of the biggest steps, just knowing that you are doing it. Once you are aware, you can then adjust and change courses. It will not be easy at first, but if it has the potential to change the trajectory of your ENTIRE life, why not try?!

No Self-check zone

The rest of life has officially been declared a NO SELF CHECK zone. I’ve got too much to do and give back to others to take myself out of the game. I refuse to give anyone an advantage like that. There are books waiting to be written, shoots waiting on me, new ventures, mentees waiting and so much more. I believe in me. In fact, one of the things that I have started doing is using an I AM journal to reinforce the good. I AM GRATEFUL. I AM AMAZING. I AM A LEADER. I AM A TEACHER. I AM HUMBLE BUT POWERFUL. I AM A LIGHT. I AM SUCCESSFUL. I AM JOYFUL. I AM ABUNDANT. I AM WEALTHY. I AM ENOUGH.

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