Summer is over (for the most part anyway), school is back in session and we are ready for the class of 2022 Seniors. Yes, it’s that time again, time for senior pictures. Your senior has spent the last 11 years working hard and we are ready to capture the 12th year before they head to college. We serve Raleigh, Durham, Charlotte, Winston-Salem, and Greensboro seniors.

Our Senior Picture Experience

We make senior pictures an experience. It starts from the very beginning when we first make contact. We want to know your senior and customize a session just for YOUR senior. We plan a zoom call to identify likes, preferences and talk through our process. Once you are ready to book, we start planning the ideal location for amazing senior pictures in Winston-Salem, or your area. We also work with some amazing makeup artists and will coordinate makeup for your shoot. Lastly, we work with you to pick out the most amazing wardrobe to ensure that your senior images look amazing. We can work with your existing wardrobe, but will also provide some cost-effective options for shopping. We also suggest that you bring some dope accessories to enhance your outfits and create a little edge.

awesome senior images
Senior magic

The Shoot

Now that we have gotten past the preliminary things for the shoot, it’s time to have FUN. We’ve identified the most amazing location, coordinated makeup, and have helped establish the best wardrobe (and change of clothes) and now it’s time to ROCK! Now we’ll bring the music, and meet you at your awesome senior photoshoot location. We work with each student to create the vibe that will make for an awesome shoot.

What’s Next

After the shoot, we begin the post-processing to make your senior pictures stand out. We will prepare the images and set up a meeting to review the images with you virtually. We will select your favorites and highlight our amazing products which include our most popular senior book and amazing wall art. From there we will begin the process of retouching and finalizing your images and products.


The last part of the Senior picture process is that we will deliver your amazing products for you and your family to cherish. We will also include a custom mobile app with the images you purchased. So much better than carrying pictures around in your wallet. So don’t delay and set up your amazing Senior photography experience.

amazing senior pictures
Dope Senior pics

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