seniors by marc anthony
Seniors by Marc Anthony
Bringing DOPENESS to Senior Images

“You don't take a photograph, you make it.”

― Ansel Adams


Images by Marc Anthony is one of the areas top Senior photographers. He has been published in print and web media.
He delivers an amazing experience that focuses on the uniqueness of your senior. He keeps it fun and creativity to bring out the most from your teen.

Images by Marc Anthony is not for everyone. We take our time to create images with skill and care.
We don't do basic. Click HERE to begin the process to see if we're a good match.
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Just a minute ago, they were in kindergarten learning abc's and songs. Growing so fast you couldn't believe it. Maturing along the way, involved in sports and music. For a while, your job felt like nothing but a chauffeur. Now High School has come and is winding down. This time next year they will be off at college, serving in the armed forces or starting a new venture. Yup, where did time go?

At Seniors by Marc Anthony, we want to slow things down for a moment and capture this amazing time in life. We create a customized experience that will highlight the unique personality of your student. Marc and his team take the time to get to know your student so we can create a fun and relaxed photo shoot. We work with you to identify the ideal location, we have a team of incredible makeup artists that do an amazing job.
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This is the time to celebrate your senior and we help you do just that. We help plan a session that is a reflection of who they are. We begin by planning out the ideal session for you. Selecting the best location, and time. Then the fun begins. We work with you to identify amazing outfits. We send ideas via Pinterest boards and even work with a few local boutiques to help you find the perfect outfit. Our in-house stylist can also assist with jewelry and accessory suggestions to make the outfit come together.

Basic Session Fee $199

30 min session
1 look

Complete Session Fee $250

2 hr session
2 - 3 looks


Senior Packages begin at


  • - Guided Art Experience
  • - Includes unique products that you will LOVE



We live in a digital age where we can't even enjoy a concert because we have our phones out to capture the experience, yet we miss being in the moment. We have pictures stored but hardly take the time to look at them and remember. Remember, where we were at the moment. Remember how we felt. Remember the fun of what we were doing. We don't remember because the pictures are in an endless abyss of files that we have to scroll through. I love the power of images in print because if gives you something to look at day in and day out. You are highlighting those you hold near and dear. They become part of the legacy that can be passed from generation to generation and talked about forever. There is such a big difference in scrolling through your phone and looking through an amazing book of images that you hold in your hands. We don't just hand you a flash drive with images (do they still make flash drives?) leaving you to figure it out on your own, or for it to get lost in a junk drawer collecting dust. We are a full service studio that has selected amazing products that we custom design to fit your needs. We walk you through the process of selecting images for your coffee table book and the stunning wall art that will be ready to hang on the walls of your home.
Yes, we believe in the POWER OF PRINTS.
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We would love to work with you. Let's set up a consultation and discuss what your amazing senior session will become.

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